Some suggestion/questions
Posted by: yunnisari99, 2019/05/23
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Some suggestion/questions
Posted by: Admin, 2017/09/06
Some suggestion/questions
Posted by: nail, 2017/09/06
Some suggestion/questions
Posted by: nail, 2017/09/06

Latest News

H5 server turned off.

For now there is no concrete plans for H5 server but this version of server will be improved and then will be made decision start Interlude or H5 season.

Stay tuned for news!
Posted by: Admin, 2017/09/30 02:30
About event - you are getting points for promoting this server.
Participant with the most points will be rewarded.

Reward - Event Hero status or if you are already hero then you can choose to get 20 Golden Apiga.

How to participate?
You just need to create game server account and login to to receive your referral link address.
In a Referral panel you will see your referral link and your current referral points.
Post this link address wherever you want and for every clink on it you will get 1 point.

If you have any questions post reply in forum under Referral Event header.
Posted by: Admin, 2017/02/03
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