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Joined: 14/11/2015 15:37:41
Messages: 560

#59 ( 2017.04.22 )

Increased reuse time for Return skill.
Increased reuse time for 1 and 2 level Resurrection skill.
Added event Antharas/Valakas/Frintezza grand bosses that will be available on events only.
Added lower level boss jewelry 1,2 and 3 (default) levels.
Added chance skills Protection of Rune/Elemental/Alignment
Protection of Rune/Elemental/Alignment and Counter Defence free for newbies and can be learned for other players
Reduced max buff slots count by 2

#58 ( 2017.04.07 )

Disabled hero skills on LMS and Advanced Koren events

#57 ( 2017.04.05 )

Added bounty system
PvP points will increase chance of skill enchanting (500 PvP = +1%)

#56 ( 2017.03.30 )

Added few extra achievements
Added few extra statistics
Increased max faction level to 20
Removed different calculation for some classes of faction level

#55 ( 2017.03.29 )

Added ability to observe map and most of events
Added extra statistics for players in game (personal) and on website
Added command .me to display personal extra statistic
For Infinity Stinger increased blow skill success chance
Increased Counter Defence M.Def bonus by 10%
Increased Counter Defence min level to 2 (for newbies to 4)

#54 ( 2017.03.23 )

Counter Barrier will be added/removed dynamically (depend on players count on map)
Players will receive message when will enter or leave stand your ground zone
In Advanced Korean event will be displayed time left until fight start
Damage to Warsmith/Maestro increased by 15%
Damage done by Warsmith/Maestro increased by 15%
Newbies will get slightly more M/P.Def by Counter Defence skill

#53 ( 2017.03.22 )

Added Sprig of Wisdom item to event shop that can change clan leader if leader is not active for 14 days or more
Added S grade item parts and recipes to event shop
Added flag guards to every flag
Increased aden reward count for owned flags to 2 adens each
Added few new maps
HP/CP/MP will be restored before event start
Duel in town will not be allowed for registered to event players
Players will be allowed participate in most of events after disconnection

#52 ( 2017.03.17 )

Added new map mode - town assault
Heroic Dread effect time reduced to 7 seconds
Heroic Grandeur effect time reduced to 10 seconds
Removed restriction from all hero skills except Heroic Miracle
Heroic Miracle will not be allowed to use in evens if event participant count will be lower then 24
Elemental Assault/Elemental Symphony/Elemental Storm disabled in Olympiad
Summons will be resurrected together with owner unless they will disappear before that
Party duel will start in same place like 1 vs 1 duel
Masked players will get active class appearance and random gender
Received damage message from masked player will contain attackers class name instead of asterisk
Added Counter Defence skill (chance to increase P.Def by 50% and M.Def by 30% for 10 seconds)
Added Counter Barrier skill (chance to render you invincible for 5 seconds)
Every player will get Counter Defence and Counter Barrier

#51 ( 2017.03.11 )

Fire Vortex, Ice Vortex and Wind Vortex will not stack together anymore
Hot Spring Malaria will increase resistance to stun attacks by 30%
Hot Springs Flu will increase resistance to stun attacks by 20%
Novice Victories of Pa'agrio will increase resistance to stun attacks by 40%
Added youtube event NPC
In events max one healer for 5 players of every faction
In three random teams type events participants will be masked and balanced by faction level
While player is masked he will be able to use party and faction chats (Olympiad excluded)
If one faction will have more players in event then two others together then formed random teams will be masked
If divided event team will have healer(s) then firstly healer(s) will be added to team with lower count of healers
Team in event will be divided by faction level (team with lower sum of faction levels will get players with higher faction level)
For masked player on map title will not be removed
Masked players nick in damage message will be masked also
For masked players summons will be masked also
Cubics for Elf/Dark elf tanks and all summoners will not disappear after death
Faction(s) that will lose map will bow in front of faction that won map
Faction change will be banned for everyone who has clan
Arcane Wisdom, Arcane Power and Arcane Agility will not be removed after death
Decreased damage done by none blunt or sword weapon by 30% for all tanks and SWS
Decreased damage done by none dual sword weapon by 30% for BD
Nature faction players with clans will not be masked all the time (first player on map will define rule mask other players or not)
Mass Slow effect time reduced to 15 seconds
Armor Crush, Stun Attack and Hammer Crush max effect time reduced to 5 seconds
Surrender To Fire and Surrender To Wind chance to land increased by 5%
Character will be deleted after 3 days

#50 ( 2017.03.01 )

Players that belongs to clan and faction is temporarily changed will be masked
Masked characters will keep original race and gender appearance
Removed custom skills in Olympiad
Summons will get owners vote and rebirth skills
Item Skill: Spell Refresh effect time increased
Item Skill: Spell Refresh magic skill reuse time decreased to 5%
Item Skill: Refresh reuse time for magic skills decreased to 5% for physical skills decreased to 15%
Item Skill: Skill Refresh physical skill reuse time decreased to 15%

#49 ( 2017.02.28 )

ShillienElde-ShillenSaint removed from healers category
Dryad Root effect time reduced to 10 seconds
Shield Bash/Shield Stun reuse time increased by 50%
Shock Stomp reuse time increased by 30%
Shield Bash effect time increased by 50%
Archery attack range bonus reduced by 50%
Removed buff type attacks from Uruka raid boss

#48 ( 2017.02.26 )

Archers on Olympiad will get one extra buff
To archers Olympiad buff list added Shield and Magic Barrier
Buffs will be removed when player will change subclass
Hero buffs takes effect on summon also

#47 ( 2017.02.22 )

Increased reuse time for Frenzy and Zealot
Destroyer/Titan nerf will be equal
Players will get PVP points and aden reward for healing other players (20 000 restored HP or 15 000 restored CP = 1 PVP)
Players will get PVP points and aden reward for resurrecting other players (5 resurrections = 1 PVP)
Players with faction level 6 and lower and PVP count less then 50 will get 3x reward, PVP count less then 150 2x
Newbie items will be included in calculation for faction level if player will have more than 100 PVP
Party reward will not be shared with dead players on map
BD/SWS/PRP added to double reward class
Olympiad daily fights time changed to 19:00-22:00 and 01:00-04:00 GMT+2
Minimum participants count required for Olympiad fight reduced to 3

#46 ( 2017.02.21 )

Whiplash skill reuse time increased 3x
Slash/Spinning Slash/Dicing Death/Mechanical Cannon reuse time increased 3x
Max party size on events and on map changed to 6
Party will not dissapear if party leader will leave
Max count of healers on event party - 1
Max count of healers on map party - 2
Increased aden drop for killing Core/Queen Ant and Orfen

#45 ( 2017.02.20 )

.party command works on events also
Added .unstuck command that will re-teleport straight to map if you get stuck
Newbie players on fresh start will be able to select newbie armors and weapons

#44 ( 2017.02.17 )

Summon CP potions reuse time same for all classes
Blow skill reuse nerf removed on Olympiad games
Augmentation skill Spell Refresh will have default effect time (60 seconds)
Augmentation skill Refresh will work only for physical skills
Olympiad daily fights time changed to 12:00-15:00 and 20:00-23:00 GMT+2
If teams have equal count of points at the end of map no reward is given
Increased Trick success chance
On revoting for map and event will be displayed votes count
Increased damage to Bounty hunter/Fortune Seeker

#43 ( 2017.02.15 )

Raid of raid hunt map type will be re-teleported to random location if he will be not in combat mode
Olympiad daily competition divided in two time frames 00:00-00:03 and 16:00-19:00 GMT+2
Added information of daily competition timing on information NPC
Added command .oly_buff that will display available buffs on Olympiad

#42 (2017.02.14 )

Buffs will be removed if player will lose newbie status
In Zombie Invasion event participants stats will be static
In Advanced Korean event healer class will not by allowed anymore
Completed achievements but not rewarded will be saved to database
Increased chance to find lucky chest

#41 (2017.02.12 )

On buffer NPC will be displayed how many buffs left
Summons will have same amount of buff slot as owner
Slightly reduced nerf for Destroyer/Titan class
Snipe effect time reduced to 30 seconds
Hero skill moved to self skill category
Valor skill can be shared with faction members
Enabled player settings save/restore function
Added to player settings ability enable/disable valor buff share with faction members function
Dual boxed healer classes will not be allowed on map
Added function to settings to block all buffs
In Grand Boss Challenge event duration when boss is Baium extended to 15 minutes

#40 (2017.02.08 )

Added .settings command
All basic setings of players will be saved
Added ability to block party/clan/ally buffs by using settings
Added .remove_buff command that allows remove single buff
Cursed Weapons will not be removed so frequently like it was

#39 (2017.02.07)

Armors can't be unequipped on olympiad
Reduced Zombies speed by 15%
Event registration time increased to 4 minutes
Max buffs slots reduced to 22+4
Expanded shop zone
Added Advanced Korean event
Enemy faction marked as clan war
Added command .markenemy that turn on/off enemy faction marking as clan war
If spoiler dies all spoiled players will be removed from spoil list
In order to get spoil reward spoiler has to do some damage
From newbie players spoiled items will not be taken
Boxes not allowed on events anymore

#38 (2017.02.02)

Dynamic discount will not work for enchants
Shadow coupons will be activated as a reward only if someone will reach 5000 or more pvp count
From White Chargo box removed A/S grade enchants
After valid enchanting attempt enchanter will receive information with percent of success rate that it had
Spoilers will have 100% chance to spoil from 1 to 3 adens
Low grade materials and adens will be removed from spoiled players
Removed penalty for wearing light and robe armors
Added new maps


Reduced Baium HP by 50%.
Slightly reduced Baium drop.
Reduced Baium respawn time.
Reduced Baium ring drop chance to 50%.
Removed Blooded Fabric from GM shop
Added Baium to Grand Boss Challenge event.
Reduced achievement reward count for slaying Baium
Slay Baium achievement task will be repeatable
Heroes divided in two types (Regular - assigned by olympiad and Event - assigned by event)
Hero weapon can be used only on main class for Regular heroes
Hero weapon will be changeable for Regular heroes
Referral event reward will be Event Hero status for 6 days but if player is already hero he can choose become Event Hero or take 20 Golden Apiga
Referral reward period will last for 24 hours
Referral reward period will start on Monday 12:00 GMT+2


Aura Symphony/Inferno/Blizzard/Demon Wind/Elemental Assault/Elemental Symphony/Elemental Storm will not require seeds.
Increased speed for Dark Avanger/Paladin/Temple Knight/Shillen Knight/Sword Singer/Blade Dancer/Abyss Walker/Plains Walker/BountyHunter/Warsmith.
Added extra information about currect event on teleportation NPC.
Added timer in events and maps that can be disabled/enabled by players.
Added ability to vote for next map by using .nominate command.


Registration to event chat will be displayed for not registered players
Enabled Zombies Invasion
Added new map mode named Chaos (it is based on Free For All event and will be enabled only while server will have low count of players)
While player is masked chat will be disabled
Integrated resists balancer that will take effect while players count on map will be less than 8:
* For players with faction level greater that 5 will be removed fire/water/wind/unholy resists.
* For players with faction level greater that 10 will be removed fire/storm/aqua song/dance except for SWS/BD.
* All resists will be returned automatically when players count on map will be 8 or more


A grade weapons from shop will be dynamically enchanted:
* When A grade discount percent 0 enchant +4
* When A grade discount percent 25 enchant +5
* When A grade discount percent 50 enchant +6
* When A grade discount percent 75 enchant +7
* When A grade discount percent 100 enchant +8
For BD/SWS song/dance will not be self buffs any more
BD/SWS max buff count increased to 28 (divine excluded)
BD/SWS bow damage decreased by 20%
Increased Aura Flash success rate
Reduced Active Augmentation damage skill reuse time by 30%
Points will not be deleted on faction change


Enabled balancing by faction level
Newbie players will be able to use newbie potions and elixires for longer time
Added shadow items S grade (coupons for trade can be received only from pvp)
Increased faction title count
Newbie items will be able to use up to 500 pvp or faction level 7


Removed A grade Elixir from global vote reward
Passive players will not get reward for castle, flags, stand your ground and won round
Added newbie items that will be allowed until player will collect 300 or more pvp or will reach 7 or greater faction level
Added - Red Filing Cabinet reward item for players that have more than 5000 pvp
Added - Blue Cargo box reward item for players than have more than 100 pvp but less than 5000
For hero status player will get extra 3 faction level points
Elixirs will be automatically activated for newbies on teleportation to map
Integrated invalid items cleaner for steal flags and hero items for non hero players
Added .findparty command
Extended max subclass count
Added minimum PVP count for registration to Olympiad


Increased spoil material count to 3
Added adens to spoil reward
Increased minimum aden reward count in events
Same event two times in row can't be selected
Added automated elixir potions
Elixir A grade will be free
Elixir A grade will be able to use all newbie player
Ability to use elixir S/A grade will not depend on level any more


Physical Skill Restraint effect time reduced to 20 seconds
Added CP potions for newbie players
Removed fee for dyes
Increased buff slot for newbie players by 4
All B grade items from shop will be +4
Reduced damage by bow for BD/SWS
Changed Map stats board
Added advanced balance system between players on map
Increased map Raid drop
Players on map will not get reward if they will not have enough kills or assists
In events will not be allowed characters with same IP
Reward for stolen flag depends on players count on map
Max aden count for PVP lifted to 15
Max reward multiplier for PVP lifted to 5
Player for 4 assists will get same reward as for one PVP
Added dynamic A/B items discount that depends on top PVP count
Healers will be allowed on map only every second one and only if enough players
All players will be removed from map if players count on map is too low
Reward in Grand Boss Challenge event will be distributed for all team event if killer is not in party
In party adens will be distributed randomly
Added 3 extra guards for every faction


Blessed Enchants will not be 100% anymore
Blessed Enchants will not remove enchant level from item if enchanting will fail
Removed Ancient Adens from game


Added Raid Boss to Capture the Flag and Deathmatch maps
Added Event Medals to Raid Boss on Capture the Flag and Deathmatch maps
Integrated Achievements system
Force Barrier skill reuse time increased 3x


Song of Silence effect time changed to 20 seconds
Frost Bolt effect time changed to 15 seconds
Slow effect time changed to 30 seconds
Sword Symphony effect time changed to 7 seconds
Grand Khavatari skill damage nerfed (like Dualists)
Grand Boss Challenge event Raids will start with half HP (if low number of participants)


Newbie Grand Bosses will be available only on event.
In free for all event top 3 players will be rewarded
Increased chance to get CEWA from White Cargo box


Added ability to vote for map change
For each flag every 2 minutes faction will get 1 aden
In deathmatch drop chance and Exp, Sp increased by 1.5
To White Cargo box added CEWB and CEAB


Referral event minimum points to get reward will be 20
Referral event top points count will be displayed on reward period
Increased enchants price
To Event shop added BEWA and BEAA


Events winners will receive Event Medals
To GM shop added Event section
Changing faction will cost 50 Event Medals


Reduced active augmentation damage skills (single target) reuse time by 50%
Added accessory Wizard Hat (+5% m.atk)
Added accessory Iron Circlet (+5% pvp p.atk)
Added accessory Dapper Cap (+4 accuracy)
Added accessory Tateossian Hairband (+4 evasion)
L2Network vote system changed (first vote then receive reward)


Global voting reward changed to Booty - Yellow Pouch (CP potions and Ancient Adens)
Enchant B grade weapon to +11 requires 2x EWB
Enchant B grade weapon to +12 requires 3x EWB
Enchant A grade weapon to +11 requires 4x EWA
Enchant A grade weapon to +12 requires 6x EWA
Enchant S grade weapon to +11 requires 6x EWS
Enchant S grade weapon to +12 requires 9x EWS
Enchant B grade armor to +7 requires 2x EAB
Enchant B grade armor to +8 requires 3x EAB
Enchant A grade armor to +7 requires 4x EAA
Enchant A grade armor to +8 requires 6x EAA
Enchant S grade armor to +7 requires 6x EAS
Enchant S grade armor to +8 requires 9x EAS


On olympiad vote/rebirth skills removed
On olympiad only B grade items allowed
Players on olympiad will be able to choose 5 buffs from buff list


Players skills reuse will be reset on olympiad stadium.
Players will not be teleported back to town if they will log in on Grand Boss zone.
Increased hero weapons P/M atk.
Trade chat for factions only
Automatically join parties on maps and on events
HopZone and TopZone voting system changed (now you can vote first and then just receive reward from NPC)


Added auto HP potions
Removed restrictions from Heroic Berserker and Heroic Valor
Same map mode will be available only two rounds in a row
Added information about Olympiad state in information NPC
Resist wind/fire/water will not be canceled by surrenders
Resist wind/fire/water resistance reduced by 50%


Cursed weapons will be abe to pick up everyone with lvl 5 or beyond
Remowed B grade enchants from White Chargo Box
Increased reward in Raid Hunt event


Added Support Blessing skill for Prophets/Warcryers
Added Prominence skill for Prophets


Max Enchant armors +8
Max Enchant jewelry +8
A grade weapons will be +4 from GM shop
Blessed scrolls limit lifted to +8
Added NPC with basic server information


For newbie Necromanchers/Soultakers summoners will receive Magic Barrier and Song of Earth buffs
Reduced cancel skills success rate by 30%
To reward level added rebirths count for Gladiators/Dualists


Every clan member that participated in raid killing of killers party will earn 50 reputations points for clan
Added auto CP clicker
Added automated task for event stuck bug check
Added farm zone for newbie players


Seal of Slow, Hamstring Shot and Slow effect time reduced to 10
Malaria will be added after two deaths in a row for newbie players
Newbie buffs will be added after 3 and 4 deaths in a row


Shield Stun effect time reduced to 4 seconds
Shield Slam effect time reduced to 20 seconds
Aura of Hate and Aggression reuse time increased 6x
Cancellation success chance reduced by 10%
For Adventurers with 79 lvl or above minimum reward level lifted to 3


Dualists skill damage to fighters reduced by 10%
Dualists skill damage fo mages reduced by 5% (total 15%)
Paladin class removed from double reward classes list
Slightly increased Baium, Valakas, Antharas and Scarlet van Halisha dropped materials count required for S grade enchants.


Reduced Thunder Storm effect time to 5 seconds
Reduced Thunder Shock Blast time to 5 seconds
Removed water penalty
For all daggers classes to reward level will be added number of rebirths
In referral event will be only one winner every week
Necromanchers and Soultakers summons will get shield and ww buffs


Added AFK manager in maps and events
If character is in double reward class every pvp point will be multiplied by 2
If character is in triple reward class every pvp point will be multiplied by 3
Reduced Dominators magic critical rate by 20%
Added Emerald item that will reset rebirth skills and return Books of Rebirth
Removed clan penalty
Added ability to disable/enable skills and/or shots visual effects
Increased newbies buff second level bonus


Reduced Overlord magic damage to mages by 10%
Reduced Dominators magic damage to mages by 15%
Reduced Dualists damage to mages with 6 or above reward level by 10%
Reduced Dualists damage to mages with 5 or under reward level by 20%
Reduced Bluff chance by 10%
Reduced Sonic Storm effect range by 50%
Added new map zones


Added blessed EWS to gm shop (chance 100% max +6)
Changed MA robe set bonus to (+7% M.atk, +10% C.speed, +8% P.def)
To enter Frintezzas room you must have 2 parties with at least 3 players in every party joined in command channel


Changed reward level calculation formula
Added referral event manager
Added .voterstatus command
Reduced Behemoth Dragon HP by 2x


All blow skills damage will be reduced by 20%.
For elfs and d.elfs with 3rd profession success skill rate reduced by 5% (total 20%)
For all daggers with 3rd profession lethal chance reduced by 10% (total 30%)
Reduced bluff success chance by 10%


Added tattoo of power to GM shop (for free)
Reduced Elfs and D.Elfs daggers with 3rd profession lethal chance by 10% and skill success rate by 15%


Reduced tattoo p def by 40%
Added to Donation shop Blessed Scrolls A grade


For daggers with 3rd profession reduced lethal chance by 20%
Destroyers max damage nerf reduced to 60%
Titans max damage nerf reduced to 70%
For summons increased physical damage by 10% and reduced received damage by 10%
To double reward class list added all tanks
Added to GM shop materials for S grade enchants
Warsmith/Maestro will get 3x reward for pvp

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