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Joined: 14/11/2015 15:37:41
Messages: 560

#34 ( 2017.04.22 )

No reuse time for summon CP potions after sub class change
Bounty not increased if player is still on killing spree

#33 ( 2017.04.07 )

Buffed summon on Olympiad
TopArena incorrect total votes count

#32 ( 2017.04.05 )

Not full title displayed
Sneak lvl 2 achievement
Removed hero weapon on login for heroes
Zaken sometimes spawned on incorrect location

#31 ( 2017.03.30 )

Some incorrect statistics

#30 ( 2017.03.23 )

Flag very low HP on respawn
Incorrect enchant chance when enchanting S grade weapon from +10 to +11

#29 ( 2017.03.22 )

Advanced korean event
Incorrect min players count on TvT event
Stuck appearance

#28 ( 2017.03.17 )

Faction manager NPC
Disappeared steal flag on faction change

#27 ( 2017.03.11 )

Party dublicated members visual bug
Arcane Power consuming HP after sub class change

#26 ( 2017.02.28 )

Not all buffs restored after cancellation

#25 ( 2017.02.26 )

Some buffs returned when player enters main town

#24 ( 2017.02.22 )

No achievement reward for survivor event winners
Warehouse freight withdrawing Secret Book of Giants
Grand Boss Challenge Baium event time
Event auto party

#23 ( 2017.02.21 )

Harmony of Noblesse and Symphony of Noblesse usable without seeds
Incorrect buffs remaining count for summoners with summons
Pa'agrio's Fist not counted as buff
Spining Slash hits owner

#22 ( 2017.02.20 )

Unable to use NPC buffer while running

#21 ( 2017.02.15 )

Player resurrection
Incorrect Olympiad data on info NPC
Olympiad buffing

#20 (2017.02.14 )

Slay Antharas achievement
Incorrect Raid location of TOI map
Double aden reward

#19 (2017.02.12 )

Advanced Korean short range between teams
Advanced Korean summons not held as other players
Zombies event double reward
Anti heavy armor for elf and d.elf
Automatically unsummon summons on boss zone
Referral event schedule
Players not teleported to town from baium zone

#18 (2017.02.08 )

.nominate command sometimes did not counted vote
sometimes displayed incorrect view of teleporter

#17 (2017.02.07)

Restriction for store
Incorrect radar on steal the flag map mode when pointing to guards


On disconnection player had no option to fight after death


Lucky Chest event
Disconnection on opening all reward items
Automatically deactivation of potions for newbies on teleportation


Achievement was not saved
Incorrect Grand Boss Challenge event zone
Survivor event chests was not removed
Four Sepulcher auto teleport to hometown
GM Shop S grade dual
Assists points calculation
Free For All event points calculation
Exp Sp will not be distributed for players that is in long range
Sometimes players after event stayed invulnerable
In Zombies Invasion event players were able to use skills


Auto party for party leader
Hero weapon restriction in olympiad


L2Network vote reward


Auto party with different factions


TopZone vote checker


Rebirth skill


Raid hunt event points calculation


Offline shop stuck


Rebirth skill wasn't given to players


Incorrect HopZone votes count


Spawned extra Scarlet van Halisha
Ability to heal player who is in a duel
Players effected by debuffs in main town
Voter status displayed incorrect information


Free for all event no reward
Couldn't heal yourself in Free for all event
Free for all event points wasn't counted
Players in event was revealed just after it starts


Assists not displayed in statistics
Stucked event bug
Frintezza stucked after someone failed to kill him


Ware able to use Restore Life skill on to no party members on Raid Boss zone
Summoners couldn't heal their summons
Vote skills not added after changing subclass


Capture flag event no winner
Castle siege incorrect spawns location

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