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Messages posted by: Nyxveil
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Your logic is if it is broken break it even more?
Daggers and duelists is not running with full resists unless they don't use all skills that increase fighting ability.
For elven elders can be increased max buff count like it is for BD/SWS but definitely all skills should not be counted as self.
Max buff slot count will be reduced.

Nope, thats your logic, I'm giving you a way to fix it, I can run full resists on daggers/duelists, without giving anything up, so are u just gonna leave em like that? if u reduce buff count u're gonna have to nerf mages after because they'll be too strong as in mcrit dmg 2x if u dont wanna take off their mcrit rate and entirely ditch free symphos no matter the cd

If you are comparing other faction servers start online count with this server current online count then maybe your numbers can be close to truth otherwise it's not even close.
Don't talk about what you don't know. All files came from clean aCis pack everything was created from scratch. I'm not going to talk about uniqueness because if you are looking for really unique server you not going to find it because l2 is too old client.

I'm comparing this to infl2/l2gve, they never got to this low online count even when they were dying, I'm pretty sure I got wayyy more time playing this game than you, so don't call me off like u know more. Not even looking for a unique server, just looking for a balanced one.

There is no reason to not count holy and earth...

Yeah because so many nukers deal earth dmg, lol, the only nuker to deal holy dmg is the SPS and its their longest CD nuke...
Admin wrote:

I'm counting all attributes. You can't put all 6 attributes on one armor piece.

????? ofc lets count earth and holy, LOL, I wont even elaborate on this, u get each armor piece maxed for 1 attribute or u do half/half unless theres someone u hate and just build res for that class alone.

Admin wrote:Because too many resists on one class would break game for mages. I don't do that because I know that this is not right way to do.

yeah because the elder classes obviously will kill everyone, LOL, I can run full resists on a duelist, daggers run full resists am I breaking the game yet? I can see all these mages trying to sympho 30k effective hp and they dont do shit, the game is already broken.

when dps classes do this it isnt breaking the game, the moment an elder does this is too much too handle, would u rather have duelists/GK/daggers on full resists or just elders? and even elders cant run full resists with 15 slots, what would break the game more? I wont even keep going with this.

Admin wrote:As far as I remember your suggestion for resists was just reduce max buff slot count or reduce power of resists? And both are useless if we are talking about making all skills as self skills for elven elder.
After amount of time that this season is alive other servers probably would have 20x more loss.

both, with emphasis on the buff slot count because the 2nd one would still be the same.

20x more loss lol, u know the files you're using come from a really old RvB project with 50 times your population, dont even try to compare your server because it's just a half assed replica atm.
ele one shots newbies, good luck keeping them after that.

You are wrong that armors can have many more attributes comparing with weapons it's most of the time even opposite because there is 6 different types of attributes and to have max defence againt all attributes you need 6 different sets.

you're counting earth and holy? cant be serious sorry, 120 per armor piece vs 300 max on weapons.

Because too many resists on one class would break game for mages. I don't do that because I know that this is not right way to do.

I already told you how to fix this, too stubborn to notice the point. I guess most of the successful faction servers that balanced their crap around this are wrong yet they had 20x this server's population

If for you doesn't make any sense to have greater M.Def and ability to upgrade S jewelry to grand boss then you probably should not suggest anything that is related to enchanting and items upgrade.

what's the point then? the only reason to do that is to enchant the TT after why cant I just buy it straight from the shop instead?

Party is not forced check out settings. It's not 1vs1 just it's not organized players vs other not organized players and as long as most of players will be random there is no way to involve supports in regular PvP. I already mentioned that I will create events that should involve clans and in these events will be no NPC buffs. Are you talking about imbalance between old vs new players or between classes?

both, it isnt forced but theres no reason to have one in the first place other than share exp/adena theres no actual teamwork involved, just a bunch of apes f1ing

There is no perfect balance in any interlude server and probably never will be. I'm not making it similar to other chronicles I just implemented few features that H5 have that I think is good for making game not so static. Mages or any other class stats are retail of interlude. Why NCSoft added attributes? Probably for same reason I added few features like H5 have - make game not so static. Just by changing M.Crit power I didn't changed all class to H5...

There's no perfect balance yet here u got one shot skills, thats an easy way out of the problem and just being plain lazy, they added elements cuz mages were hitting too hard period as the amount of armor elements u can get is much higher than what u can get on the weapon, I explained how similar the class is to it's H5 status and how different are the other classes in order to counterbalance their spike of power, heres just the spike of power not the counterbalance part.

song/dance is not self buffs for BD/SWS anymore I mentioned that just because you offered to make elven elder buffs as self buffs and that was my answer why I'm not going to do that.

You aren't going to do that because mages got hit hard? I already told u the way to solve it, you just dont wanna do it cuz plain lazy.

MJ necklace +8 has less M.Def than TTS necklace +5 and it's not that hard to make all TTS set +6 don't forget that normally you would get +0 item from shop.

why would I spend money on +5 TT when I have a +8 MJ? makes no sense, retrograde and boring progression system. Normally I would just be able to buy the TT jewels straight from the shop, instead of doing the enchant to +8 revert to +5 with +1 grade on it.

was thinking to increase enchanting success rate like I did with skill enchanting but that is not good idea because let's say one clan member will collect many PvP and then he can enchant items for all clan or even ally.

You can add a counter to PvPs to the weapon itself, not the player's pvp count I thought I was pretty clear when I said that.

You don't realize that most of players are random players and play alone. Try to imagine how that would look if everyone for decent PvP would need to find party like in retail. I would like to see many different classes in game but forcing players to look for party is just terrible idea.

Most players play alone yet they get maximum profit for doing so and also you have this force party system either way, whats the point of having a faction server if its gonna be purely 1v1s? it encourages people to look for parties, not everyone wants to play DPS, not everyone wants to be a carry, some people just enjoy being a nuisance to the enemy faction and helping doing something else than just raw dmg. If u dont want imbalanced teams u already have a balancing system for that, but a team of 10 dps shouldnt win against a team of 6 dps 2 healers and 2 disablers, this just encourages people to be braindead which is mostly what they're now f1f2 fiesta players who wouldnt be able to do shit if they were against actual competition, which they will never have because the server is so imbalanced atm people just leave the moment they get 1shot

When did I said that???

you implied I wanted that with your comment earlier

Removing critical hit factor would make game more static and that is not what I'm looking for in this server.
I have seen many servers faction and other PvP types that has only mages vs archers gameplay and that's definitely is not what I like to see here.
Can't quote properly cuz fon but, your "balance" points are flawed and I'm gonna tell you why. U can't balance a chronicle to make it similar like the other, the best u can do is tone down numbers that will fit the chronicle in question, you can't possibly try and balance an IL server by giving H5 stats to mages l, you do realize that they added even more resists in these chronicles? U do realize that dances and songs are separated from buffs entirely ehich gives even more space to nullify mages, also elemental stones on armors and blabla while mage's kit is essentially the same thing give or take some matk passives here and there and enlightenment meanwhile fighters got a fuckton of passive resists to elements, why do u think NCSoft did that? And why are you trying to have a class be similar to a chronicle where they were strong but they had some counterplay to their shit in a chronicle where its impossible to implement the same counterplay mechanics unless you just customize a fuckton of armors randomly to try and recreate attributes.

U made dances and songs self buffs for sws/bd but u kept the buff slots the same, ofc you're gonna hit mages hard. This way of thinking is absurd u cant expect to balance a class by just giving them more slots for resists, u have to force players to choose between glass cannon or a tankier build, what u did with this was make sws/bd immuneish to mages while boosting their dmg indirectly, this is not how u do this.

Enchanting is a bad idea of "progression" its just raw stats, there are no set bonuses, you want players to push for that +0 set just because the set stats are good, right now the only reason for a player to upgrade their maj jewels +8 into TT +5 is the later upgrade as maj +8 gives more mdef than TT +5, how is this progression? If you want to keep people in the game you first give them realistic short term goals ( set bonuses) which then translate into longer term goals (enchanting), also the current enchanting system is god awful, no point on not crystallizing the weapons when u fail an enchant this just speeds up the progression and players just hit the cap really fast whats next after u hit your maxd gear? One shot newbies till u fall sleep? If u keep the enchant cap to a reasonable amount +16 max and the safe enchant at +3/+4 for duals but instead of having a set enchant rate only, u have a set enchant rate with hard to get enchants not only adena,have PvP rewards like blank scrolls which then u trade with adena into enchants much like MoM does, you add a bonus enchant rate, lets say the more you PvP with the weapon in question the higher the rate will be up to a cap (90% or so) and have a NPC tell you the actual enchant rate for the weapon.

Make this server archers vs mages? I've been repeating the same thing over and over, right now its just DPS classes there are no "supports" no "disablers" no "debuffers" this is dps vs dps its fucking boresnore that allows little to no teamplay other than "assist pls", fuck even your idea to make "supports" relevant was to give them a self buff that makes them have similar stats to nukers, are u serious? its plain bad and just bland, I've been in this server for 2 weeks I got the shittiest gear on the server and I have no desire to keep playing just because its plain boring to have people just spam f1s on themselves. Also you bring up "cast speed, range, debuffs" why would u bring up something that isnt broken? Don't fix what isn't broken, the obvious part here is mcrit is obviously broken, newbies join events with template buffs just to get 2 shot by older players but when they hit back they hit for 300? Ofc they'll leave and they'll leave to never comeback.

Main idea has always been to incorporate all classes and keep them relevant yet you still say I want this server to be "mage vs archer". Wtf?
Admin wrote:There will be no wipe as long as someone will be playing.
Mage m.crit rate is not ~70% for any class and power of m.crit is reduced by 30%. By the way on further chronicles m.crit rate is higher then it's here.

In further chronicles mcrit dmg got reduced to compensate for the higher crit rate, this was made to tone down the broken augment that WM is.

Admin wrote:About making A grade thing that it's hard to get will make gap between newbies and old players even wider so that's not a solution.

This was a suggestion for after the wipe, not now.

Admin wrote:Reducing buff slots count is also quite good idea and I was thinking about that on early server start but mages are strong enough and just by reducing buff slot count would make them even stronger that's why I will not reduced buffs slots count unless I will add chance skill that will increase resists.

for this to work you need to tune down mages, i've seen multiple successfull faction servers with small buff bars not having a problem with this, they usually just tone down their mcrit rate and dmg to half so they have to rely on their base dmg since it'll be high enoguh for them not to rely on mcritting entirely like its in here

Admin wrote:None of buffs that can be used on someone else is counted as self buff. Making default effect duration of third profession buffs like COV is bad idea because most of players playing without organized party and I have no intention to force them to look for party or dual box to get all buffs. But I will create event that should involve support classes in game more then it do now.

make an IP restriction for events, only one person can join them and only npc buffs will remain on them so they wont buff themselves pre event, on the self buffs part the definition of self buff is a buff that you have in your skill set, using it on yourself counts as a self buff if u want to avoid exploiting this u can block supports from buffing other players till they hit 78 which is when they actually would want to buff them for CoV, etc, and I've seen it in other servers already u can actually make buffs from your own skillset count as self buffs, because there was no reason to give supports a "support god mode buff" and tweaking their dmg here and there if they had this they would be perfectly fine with their base stats to work in such a server, given the buff count is smaller than it is now.

Admin wrote:I will not remove no MP consumption on map because this is PvP server and no MP restriction will scare off players. Healers can't use MP potions while they are in combat

fine then, enjoy your duelists/gks/OL/WC spamming only nukes nonstop while facetanking 4 other people meanwhile killing 3 other squishies
New players arent joining and staying because the gear gap is wayyyy to big between them and old players, theres no reason for them to try and compete against them because thats a battle they'll always lose, maybe wipe the server and reopen it with an actual progression system rather than what it has now this in order to keep new players somewhat close to old players while still keeping old players in to get their final touches on their builds, how to do this?, theres no actual point on having the players start at A grade, the only S grade set worth getting because its a huge improvement from A grade is IC, draconic and major arcana robes are minor upgrades people will go as far and say that major arcana is a downgrade from DC, everyone should start on B grades and gear up from there, A grades should be HARD to get as they're definitely better than B grades, S grades should be items that u only get after playing for some months while also doing pretty good yourself, see this as ultimate endgame equipment, much like boss jewels used to be at retail servers, boss jewels shouldnt be on their retail status, they should certainly give the stats that are listed on their tooltips, just much less, to make them something people will want to get but it wont make or break the class entirely.

Balance issues are a big thing in this server its such a problem that someone felt the need to give mages symphonies castables without any seeds, but the core of the issue here is, mages are entirely reliant on magic crits but why is that? because there's no point on having so many buff slots in a faction server, since they just become free slots for resists, making the mages feel more and more reliant on mcrits, this means that people who are joining the server and dont know much will get 1-2 shot by some fully geared mage and leave instantly, theres no reason for u to keep mages at 70%~~ mcrit rate even if they're fully geared, its unhealthy for the player base and unhealthy for the gameplay, u HAVE to run mostly resists if u dont want to get instagibbed by a mage as a melee class, even archers have to be scared of mages if they're badly buffed (which isnt bad, but getting 2 shot is too much of a stretch) this is mostly cuz, mages are completely useless when they get counterbuffed like that, the core of the issue here is the buffs and how the game was designed instead of giving mages a 1 shot button u work around the buffs either reducing the amount of buff slots u can take or nerfing the buff's in question resistance (last one is a baaaad idea because you'll be nerfing other classes further) but this still leaves mages able to mcrit 70% of the time, how to fix? WM augment was utterly broken on release, it got instantly nerfed the next chronicle and mcrit dmg got nerfed also, augments in general in this chronicle are broke and they either make or break a class, in this case mages, so u either delete them from the game entirely or nerf the stats of most of the broken augments so they dont become a game breaking tool like it is now, it is the same on dagger's inconsistent dmg but I'm pretty sure thats just a side effect of a myriad of nerfs badly done.

Buff slots/self buffs, like I said before, no reason to have that many buff slots on a IL faction server this is the core problem of mages right now, I understand ncsoft adding more buff slots in later chronicles because they added a lot more situational buffs but in IL theres no reason to, this not only fucks mages over, but it leaves support classes useless, why would I play an elder if my main buffs are in the buffer anyways and I cant even buff my self with my self buffs because they apparently take a buff slot even when they're "self buffs" as in from me to myself, if mages had like 15-16 slots and fighters 18-19 but self buffs would not take a buff slot, and I mean all self buffs, not just warcry/totems/rage/frenzy blabla, ALL of them as long as they're coming from me to myself, while also taking the "special" buffs out of the buffer, this will encourage people to play elders and said support classes instead of just spamming bishops everywhere, because they have more self buffs which makes them more durable in the battlefield and they can also buff their teammates with precious stats, for this u need to make CoV/prophecies retail duration unless u want to avoid buff bots, while also making the lvl up process harder as its a joke right now.

Mana, whats the point of having no mana consumption? this breaks some classes entirely and this is the main reason people cant join as healers untill a player cap is met, this is why duelists/GK and pretty much any other spammy class is plain broken right now, if u just want people to have access to their skills 24/7 without killing some classes entirely, just make mana pots heal 200 mana with a 2-3s CD and make them only usable out of combat, this stops bishops entirely from just outhealing every kind of dmg thrown at them as the moment they run oom they die, while also keeps duelists/GKs and the other spammy classes be more careful about their mana usage, while also giving even more reasons to play the elders over the bishops or have an elder paired up with a bishop since they have recharge, delete elixirs entirely also, no point on having them.

I have many more ideas to keep this server relevant to new and older players but I wont post them till I get some feedback from this.
Admin wrote:I have tested but it works fine for me.
Can you make a screenshot of chat logs when buffs are canceled and restored?
Also if only some resists is missing then it may be because of system that removes resists when is low count of players on map for higher rank players.

no it isnt the rank system as I can get in normally everytime with all my buffs, it hasnt happened today but I havent been in events too much neither i've gotten canceled constantly, I'll try to take SS when it happens
Admin wrote:Only NPC buffer buffs are returned. Which ones of NPC buffer buffs are not returned?

It happens randomly, I've had warding/vitality/renewal/champion/earth/fire/fury sometimes DW sometimes CoV even, its random depending on whether the cancel only removes npc buffs and the selfs are still on me so it counts as if I have a full buff bar and shit just gets removed
usually happens when I'm as PW since I run self buffs on it, self buffs wont return ever but sometimes u get the other buffs canceled aswell and they never return, I gotta tp back and get rebuffed everytime, its annoying, same for augment buffs
Admin wrote:If you know how to simulate that situation then explain how.
Is it really hard to click on stats icon while you are in Olympiad?
There already is someone who is banned for this but then I had undeniable proof and no what you showed to me until now is not enough.

we havent been in the same match again, she is buffing the panther before going in, then she resummons it inside and it gets buffed again since usually u get buffs on summons after u resummon them if they were buffed before, thats probably the core of the issue
Admin wrote:I need stats of that episode when damage was done by that summon.
Any tests now doesn't mean anything even if it is suspicious.

You do know that you can replicate the bug pretty easily right? how am I supossed to take a screenshot of the dmg while in the middle of an olympiad fight, I'm pretty sure this is enough proof and you just don't wanna punish the player for abusing a bug, I guess this sets an example for the rest of the players that they can just abuse bugs and they'll get out with it free of charge, I'm willing to test it with you if u need any help even, I have nothing to hide I'm not trying to incriminate someone for something he didn't do, but I've compiled enough proof for you to punish the player.
Admin wrote:Damage without stats is not enough to prove something.
But anyway I'm working with this right now and after next restart summons with not valid stats will not be allowed.

My stats are there?
Nyxveil wrote:
Admin wrote:I need your stats too on same screenshot when damage was done.

You can check my stats on my character, you can EVEN tell the panther is buffed just by judging the crit dmg, pets dont have any higher crit dmg multiplier, and that panther suddenly has a 4x critdmg multiplier? pls. You can check my stats on my character as they're self buffed oly stats

testing with a clanmate.

Self buffed panther: http://puu.sh/vbg04/fdcf508336.jpg 150 autos 300 crits http://puu.sh/vbg1G/813e81f538.jpg

Full buffed panther with buffs listed: http://puu.sh/vbg3H/9b024ed825.jpg http://puu.sh/vbg6z/cc274a9b74.jpg

full buffed Panther's dmg with my stats on the side: http://puu.sh/vbg7M/a2dd7da00b.jpg

Admin wrote:I need your stats too on same screenshot when damage was done.

You can check my stats on my character, you can EVEN tell the panther is buffed just by judging the crit dmg, pets dont have any higher crit dmg multiplier, and that panther suddenly has a 4x critdmg multiplier? pls. You can check my stats on my character as they're self buffed oly stats
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