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With next updates reuse time will be increased for all physical skills.
These classes are on double reward list as they was on Interlude.
Ekatario wrote:We can reborn 14 times?? And if yes, rebirth skill value will be as normal? For example +5% Hp each?!

Yes rebirths count is increased but skills are nerfed. You should be able to see rebirth skill on trainer NPC.

Ekatario wrote:P.s. Battle Roar doesn't restore any Hp!

I will check that.
Ekatario wrote:- Decrease event time from 45 min to 25/30 max (we have low poulation and is pretty boring/annoying stay in 4/5 people in the same map for so long)

It will be decreased to 30 minutes.

Ekatario wrote:- Add more raids in the "Raid in the middle" (is it the correct name?! xD) event. At the moment if you kill a raid, then.. you have nothing to do; no mobs for farm, no more raids..

Name is Raid Hunt. It was bugged but now it's fixed. Max killed raids limit will be 5 after that map will end.

Ekatario wrote:- Decrease cost for Ancient books.. I mean, with such a low population, you have some problem to farm properly.. or at least increase reward from pvp. 2,5k per book is too much atm :/

Price will not be changed but maybe PvP reward will be increased or FS will be added to Event shop or Achievements. Also you can get FS from grand bosses.

Ekatario wrote:- Cuold you explain exactly how can we buff? I mean.. how many buff slot we have? Can we increase that number with books? Self buffs count for buff slot or not? Skill like UD/Angel Icon/ Blinding bow/ UE/ Touch of life (most of all, couse in the last season you told that it was considered a buff applicable to others, so it would occupy a buff slot), etc..

Max buffs slots is 18+4(divine)+12 song/dance+self.
Any skill that can be cast on other players except Hero skills is NOT self skills.

Ekatario wrote:- Could you explain how rebirth system works now? You can make rebirth when you are lvl 80? So you can do it as soon as you have created your pg and collected 250a?! Is the max lvl 85 now? Is there any kind of handicap regarding the exp after a rebirth?

You need 80 lvl to obtain rebirth but after than your level will be decreased to 76. With every rebirth your exp gain will be decreased. Exp range is from +300% to -70%.

Ekatario wrote:- Decrease the amount of Sp needed for skill enchant

Most likely SP reward for PvP will be boosted.

Ekatario wrote:- General stun land rate/duration.. you get litterally permastunned from Archers/Titan/Dreadnought and you are not allowed to do.. nothing! xD

Effect time already reduced almost by 50%. Reuse time probably for all or almost all physical skills will be increased.
Order is fixed, but you will have to save new template.
Issue with Blinding Blow will be fixed after next server restart.
In a past on global reward list was Adens and that was not good so I will not add it again.
Offline shop don't get any reward.
AFK check in town can be easy bypassed so there is no point to even try to change that.
For now these monsters will be removed.
After next restart it will be fixed.

Blinding/Deadly Blow bonus added to self buffs list
Song of Champion physical skill reuse bonus reduced by 5%
Song of Renewal skill reuse bonus reduced by 10%
Aggression reuse time set to 10 seconds
Skills that have stun effect reuse time increased by 2.5x and effect time reduced by 20%
Maestro damage boosted by 15% and received damage decreased by 5%
Archers physical damage increased by 20%
Archers skill damage increased by 50%
Decrease Duelists skill damage by 10%
Increased damage to Duelists by 10%
Increased damage to Grand Khavatari by 10%
Last vote reward IP attached to rewarded character and will be used to get vote reward if client have dynamic IP
Looted Goods - Brown Pouch (random element stones and crystals) as PvP reward
Added Looted Goods - Red Cargo Box (random Forgotten Scroll) as PvP reward
To map Raids drop added Event Medals 5-15 and one random Forgotten Scroll
To Event shop added two items then can rise level to 80(Dion Corn Meal) and 85(Gludio Apples) level


Aggression reuse time increased by 3x
Added .nomination command for voting for next map
For Raid Hunt Event added raids limit (5 raids per event) after that map will end
For Capture the Flag event added Spawn Guard service that teleport players to captured flag
Template buffs saved/restored in same order as added to character
Removed mail fee
Increased archers skill damage by 50%


Added aden drop to map raids
Decreased effect time to 15 seconds of Curse Doom
Toggle skills will stay after death
Added extra information about upcoming event to teleport and stats chat
If no one votes for next map type will be selected random one
Changed timer for events
On low online will be selected only small maps
Boosted aden reward by 2x
Boosted exp reward by 3x
Max buffs count reduced to 18
Self buffs don't take slot
Max possitive attribute percent reduced to 15
Max negative attribute percent increased to -15
Heroic Dread effect time reduced to 7 seconds
Heroic Grandeur effect time reduced to 10 seconds
Mass Slow effect time reduced to 15 seconds
Armor Crush, Stun Attack and Hammer Crush max effect time reduced to 5 seconds
Dryad Root effect time reduced by 3x
Seal of Slow, Hamstring Shot and Slow effect time reduced to 10
Shield Stun effect time reduced by 5 seconds
Shield Slam effect time reduced to 20 seconds
Reduced Thunder Storm effect time to 5 seconds
Reduced Shock Blast effect time to 5 seconds
Song of Silence effect time reduced by 100 seconds
Frost Bolt effect time changed to 15 seconds
Sword Symphony effect time changed to 7 seconds
Fear/Curse fear effect time reduced by 3 seconds
Silence effect time reduced by 50 seconds
Curse of Doom effect time reduced by 50 seconds
Seal of Silence effect time reduced by 45 seconds
Seal of Binding effect time reduced by 15 seconds
Rush Impact effect time reduced to 5 seconds
Shoulder Charge effect time reduced to 5 seconds
Blink included targets limit changed to 1-3
Voice Bind effect time reduced by 10 seconds
Soul Web effect time reduced by 50 seconds
Soul Breaker effect time reduced to 5 seconds
Stun Shot effect time reduced to 5 seconds
Archers physical damage increased by 15%
Archers skill damage increased by 10%
Bluff stun effect time reduced to 5 seconds
Disarm effect time reduced by 2 seconds

In Raid Hunt event only one raid spawned
Steal the Flag reward
In Stand Your Ground event players spawned in center
Newbie buffs not added when sub class changed


Teams balancing system
Calculation of total points for town assault
Global vote reward
Missing items in shop
.cmd command
In Lucky chest event teams was not transformed into event team
Attackable team by multiple target type skills
Removed achievement reward for completing third profession
Duels not allowed in main town
Survivor event stuck
Displayed incorrect votes count for voted events
Zombies event
Focus/Song of Hunter skill bonus
From PvP reward you can get BOG and Enchants so it would be double reward.
Also it would be quite difficult to implements that kind of feature because how should I know which one item part or skill player want to enchant?
I didn't understand what you try to suggest.
Do you use clean client? Have you tried to download from link that is on website?
Can you buy other items?
Try to reinstall client and use clean system that you can download from one of links on website.
Hello, this season started on February 2.
Right now server is inactive.
About future plans for this server will be announced in near future.
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