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Messages posted by: monogiahs
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Admin wrote:
monogiahs wrote:I remember bladedancer was a problem since last season.

This isn't normal

BD/SWS right now is in double reward class so 100 points = 50 PvP.

What about the 10 deaths number? A BD killing is ok (EVERYONE WANTS TO KILL ANOTHER PLAYER). But not dying is the major problem here. Even 13 deaths is a small number.
Flashpoint wrote:Dreadnoughts can collect more points, once I saw 200 points per game, no one bats an eye

I didn't know about dreadnoughts I haven't seen it yet. I am posting what I see... If dreadnoughts collect 200 points then that's not normal too.
I remember bladedancer was a problem since last season.

This isn't normal
yievy wrote:You can increase the re-use times of debuffs that will affect other mages... like to make silence anchor re-use every 1:30 min or 2 and make slow re-use at 1 min... you can avoid those minnor bugs... now is better you say? when a blade dancer can spam agro/root and work 100%? have you checked it? it's normal for a tank spamming the agro like hell and root like hell and make all of mages suffer of their stuns? Seriously dude my option is better again. You just need to think about it a little bit more you will see that you can fix those "problems" that you say and all will be happy cause right now even mana burn never works!!! I use mana burn to lower the others mana and they can spam their skills with 0 mana!!! WTF Where is the point to having mana potions in your server when a mage can spam skills even with 0 mana or a fighter not just mage!!!!!!

Totally agree. You can change somethings and see where this is going. Obviously It's not going to be balanced from day 1, but you have to start from somewhere. Hell this server needed 4 or 5 seasons? to keep a steady population...
yievy wrote:
Flashpoint wrote:Well i got fear maybe like 2/10 times, doom from necro, maybe 1 time in whole playing time, slow 3/10 times and stun with full shock resists (+ clan skill anti shock) I still get maybe 8/10, so tanks and other stun users wont become useless anyway, stun land rate still huge and it stops other from attacking. What i meant that we cannot compare mages debuffs,which have lower land rate and stuns, which likely to land every time

Totaly agree with you... my fear never works and when it works every fighter cry and say fear 100% because he is an idiot and he doesn't play mage to see the chances!!! When a wl comes near me i get stun for 5 seconds and more because it's skill re-use pretty fast and when i complain about it admin says the mages are the top classes at pvp atm!!! buhu... are you seriouS? If i use slow to wl or any other fighter for 10 times it will fail 7/10 and i am not kidding because i run i slow i run i slow and every time it fails.. but w8 wl can come near me and stun me 100%

My opinion here for every debuff to get balanced is to make it with duration until 5 secs.


Stuns: 3-5 seconds
Fear: 3-5 seconds
Slow: 5 seconds
Sleep: 4 seconds
Anchor: 2 seconds
Poison/decay/attack speed/lowering p.attack/accuracy curse/Curse disease/etc: 5 seconds

About the chances now? all 100% not 50-60-70... 100% so if it's 100% then you can focus on the resists buffs who every character has... like tyrant (war frenzy/resists shock man) Or wl the lion who must lasts for 30 seconds and has 3 minutes cool down like the crown of aden... or tanks who have their own debuffs... adventure have the skill who disband every curse from him but it has to go 1.30 min re-use to not be spamable... or the mirage... this must last for 30 seconds and has cooldown 4minutes!!!

Consider my offer and if i am fucking wrong then you have problem with balance smilie Because i am not saying things only for mages or fighters... i try to balance them all!!! And after all that consider domis curses that are useless completly. NO offence i am just an old player who played from c2 smilie

I must say I agree with some of these suggestions. I like the 100% chances but if lets say stun is 100% for 3-5 secs then what do we need the resist shock buff or zaken. Maybe 4 seconds could be the max stun without resist shock or zaken, 3 could be with resist shock and less than 3 with zaken and resist! Just saying. I don't like the chances as it is now. It needs to be changed so that players use their brains more and stop spamming f1 f2 f3. AND REMEMBER this isn't normal l2 anymore. Every player wants to have a chance at killing another player. Tanks are not tanks anymore and mages are not definitely damage dealers. PLEASE TRY TO COMPREHEND THAT.

I know this isn't the suggest section but could you add a trader, so that we can trade EAB or EWB with higher level enchants?
Maybe newbies should start at 74 with b grade expertise only, and gain A grade expertise at 78 and S at 80.
Baium Ring isn't 100% drop?
So I saw this in updates. You mean we can use them without seeds or we can use them with seeds? If it's the first one it's not working.
So what about this?
monogiahs wrote:This is a pvp server obviously. So the players here want to pvp and kill everyone. The standard rules and balances of l2 DO NOT apply here. Each class should have the chance to kill every other class, because this is the only way that players will be happy.
Well that's exactly the point. There is no balance if a newbie cannot kill you or at least have a chance at killing you. After someone gets valakas and hero, he is pretty much unstoppable by someone who doesn't have epics and hero.
This is a pvp server obviously. So the players here want to pvp and kill everyone. The standard rules and balances of l2 DO NOT apply here. Each class should have the chance to kill every other class, because this is the only way that players will be happy. For example an archer hero in this server can kill a newbie mage 100 out of 100 times. But this is no fun for the newbie player. Or a mage hero can kill a newbie dagger player 100 out of 100 times. You understand where this is going. If you want balance a hero should kill a newbie player 60 out of 100 times.
Or add adena reward when killing a summon.
I lost hero status one day before the reward period. Is this intended? Since I was the event hero, if I win again the referral event will I be able to keep hero status and get the 20 golden apiga? Seems the most logic option to me but looking forward to hear from you.
I was wondering are there some augment skills completely removed or do I have a bad luck getting them? Specifically I am asking about wild magic augmentation I can't get it this season.
Here are some suggestions. So since there are penalties when wearing different type of armors, when a player (for example a mage) is entering oly make an option:
What would you like to wear?
Avadon set?
Doom set?
Zubei set?
Then the players chooses (if it is a class with light and heavy mastery, add more options) and automatically he gets +0 set and +0 B grade jewellery.
After that the player chooses a weapon the same way.
I am not sure if this is easy to be done but at least it's a more balanced way to deal with opponents.
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