Interlude Faction


2017 06 25
I hope that everyone or at least most of you who played here had fun but Interlude server is closed and in near future probably will not be opened again. But that is not the end of l2cygnus project because we have plans to migrate to higher chronicle with all current Interlude faction features and few new ones. Most likely it will be H5 but it's not decided yet. Main reasons why this decision was made: 1. On Interlude is not possible to make really good balance between short and long range classes. 2. Many new zones. 3. More modern client. Stay tuned for news.
2017 02 04
Server online! GL and HF. We would be thankful if you could spend one minute and answer to a question - http://goo.gl/dm9P6S
2017 02 03
Referral Event
About event - you are getting points for promoting this server. Participant with the most points will be rewarded. Reward - Event Hero status or if you are already hero then you can choose to get 20 Golden Apiga. How to participate? You just need to create game server account and login to http://www.l2cygnus.com/home/account to receive your referral link address. In a Referral panel you will see your referral link and your current referral points. Post this link address wherever you want and for every clink on it you will get 1 point. If you have any questions post reply in forum under Referral Event header.
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